Contract work

Heat treating

Besides our own products, we also offer our heat treating capabilities to other companies to harden or temper their products in our modern heat treat facilities, installed in 2007.

Circular grinding

We offer cylindrical grinding of tools up to an outer diameter of 200 mm (8") and a length up to 600 mm (24") as well as grinding of circular profiles on CNC-controlled grinding machines.

Flat grinding

Grinding of tools and other parts with a diameter up to 250 mm (10") on special CNC controlled grinding machines.


Indenting of tools with an outer diameter up to 250 mm (10") on CNC controlled grinding machines.

Fine grinding - Flat honing

On our fine grinding machines, we can fine grind tools with diameters between 10 mm and 160 mm (0.4" and 6.5") and a width down to 0,5 mm (0.02").

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