Tubes & Pipes

If as plastic pipes in the wastewater technology, perforated pipes in the oil industry or stainless steel pipes in the food industry – tubes and pipes are being machined in different ways to fulfill their tasks. Drainage pipes, screen tubes and perforated pipes have to be slotted, other pipes have to be trimmed and chamfered, protective tubes have to be opened in axial direction. All these work processes require disc-shaped cutting tools made of high-speed steel or solid carbide.

Controx-Neuhäuser produces especially for this industry e.g. the below mentioned cutting tools:

  • Sickle knives
  • Orbital saw blades, splitting saws
  • Chamfer cutters, double angle milling cutters, V-groove cutters
  • Saw blades for Georg Fischer and Axxair pipe cutting machines
  • Circular saw blades
  • Metal slitting saw blades