In the electrical and electronic industry there are multiple applications where monolithic cutting tools made of solid carbide or high-speed steel are used. If balancing armatures for electric motors, scoring or splitting PCBs (printed circuit boards) or the production of electrical connectors - Controx-Neuhäuser offers a wide range of special solutions for these specific applications.

Customized to the specific machining tasks Controx-Neuhäuser e.g. offers the following special tools:

  • Insulation groove cutters
  • Collector cutters, commutator cutters
  • Balancing cutters
  • V-scoring blades, V-groove cutters
  • Cutting saws for depanelling, depanelling knives
  • Scoring Saws
  • Circular knives, crush cut knives
  • Profile-, form-, contour milling cutters
  • Circular saw blades
  • Blanks for CBN- and diamond cutting wheels