Automotive + Mechanical Engineering

Regardless of whether a Constant Velovity Joint (CVJ) has to be slotted for keyways, a V-belt has to be separated in its sizes or general splitting operations have to be done – using disc-shaped precision tools is indispensable in the automotive- and mechanical engineering industry. Controx-Neuhäuser produces special tools adapted to the specific customer application. Based on the know-how and experience along with a variety of cutting materials and coatings Controx-Neuhäuser is able to produce the optimal monolithic precision cutting tool.

In addition to the catalog program of standard side milling cutters and standard saw blades, Controx-Neuhäuser produces e.g. the following special solutions for the automotive and mechanical engineering industry:

  • Cut-off- and dicing saws
  • Circular knives and cutting wheels
  • Form milling cutters
  • Oil groove cutters, splitting saw blades, gap saw blades
  • Prism cutters, half-round cutters
  • Roll forming tools, pins
  • Perforating knives
  • Keyseat cutters, t-slot milling cutters