Controx Milling Cutters

Controx Milling Cutters are Ideal for Grooving Vane and Turbo Pump Rotors

Controx milling cutters are ideal for the grooving of rotary vane and turbo pump rotors
and other rotors requiring precision depth and width control.   Slot widths of up to 5/8” and depths to 3” are possible with or without contour in the slot base.  Long service life is assured due to process-oriented choice of cutting material (special fine and ultrafine solid carbide grades, high speed steel grades) and a selection of surface treatments (coating, edge preparation). 
A special coating yields unmatched service life for aluminum.   Adjusting the clamping surfaces and drive geometries to the tool holder provides safe and stable tool clamping. Individual resharpenable tooth designs allow increased speed which reduces the machining time and improves surface quality.  A special side clearance design on the milling cutters for Turbo Pump Rotors allows use on 5-axis machines.  Controx milling cutters are also available as balanced cutters.  They are ideal for grooving the rotors of turbo pumps, grooving the rotors of rotary vane pumps and other precision grooving applications.