Composite tools for special applications

The use of a high precision honeycomb core is growing not only in the aeronautical and space industries, but also in the nautical and automotive industries.

The honeycomb industry has developed well beyond the use of meta-aramid honeycombs combined with phenolic resin, such as Nomex. There are various metallic and non-metallic composite materials in combination with coatings, adhesive bonding and potting compounds in use today. These materials present many machining challenges for those needing to shape a honeycomb core.

Neuhäuser Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH has developed a wide range of special tools to satisfy the tough requirements of honeycomb machining applications. Our collection of tools for the machining of honeycomb and other composite materials consists of eight different tooling systems: CORECUT, POCKET CUT, VALVE TYPE CUTTER, PROFILE CUT, FOAM CUT, PANEL CUT, DECORING CUT and FIBER CUT.

Moreover we offer a wide range of special tools for various applications.